Beauty Over 40

October 24, 2017
my two cents on turning 50

My Two Cents On Turning 50

My 50th birthday came and went with little fanfare. Don’t get me wrong, we marked the occasion with a night on the beach and dinner out with my daughter. Still, I didn’t take the time to consider my two cents on turning 50 or fully consider the significance of entering […]
June 14, 2016

Rock Short Hair

I cut my hair short a decade and a half ago and I have chosen to rock short hair ever since. This is not to say I don’t toy with the idea of growing longer locks from time to time. In fact, I recently had thoughts of growing the mane […]
May 26, 2016
Revlon Cream Blush Favorite Thing

Revlon Cream Blush – Favorite Things

Revlon Cream Blush is one of my favorite makeup items. I have been wearing this cream blush for at least a decade. Cream blush is an excellent choice for women over 40 because it provides natural-looking color without looking chalky or settling into fine lines.   Sometimes, women shy away […]
September 12, 2015
Beauty - Embrace Your Age, Don't Hide From It

Beauty – Embrace Your Age, Don’t Hide From It

This week I turned 48 years-old. I can’t really say that the day itself made much of an impression on me. I didn’t feel the ground shift or sink ever so slightly as if to say, “your foot is just one step closer to the grave.” No, it was just […]
March 7, 2015
image - beauty bargains I love

Beauty Bargains I Love

Have you ever strolled down the aisle of the cosmetics department to look for a tube of mascara only to find yourself staring at 100’s of different formulas and brands? It can be tough to find something that actually works for you. We all know the saying, “You get what […]